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Exclusive Exploits for LEAs

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Exclusive & extremely sophisticated zero-days for offensive security

As the leading source of advanced vulnerability research, VUPEN provides government-grade zero-day exploits specifically designed for law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community to help them achieve their offensive cyber missions and network operations using extremely sophisticated and exclusive zero-day codes created by VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team (VRT).

While other companies in the offensive cyber security field mainly act as brokers (buy vulnerabilities from third-party researchers and then sell them to customers), VUPEN's vulnerability intelligence and codes result exclusively from in-house research efforts conducted by our team of world-class researchers.

Our offensive and exclusive exploits take advantage of undisclosed zero-day vulnerabilities discovered by VUPEN researchers, and bypass all modern security protections and exploit mitigation technologies including DEP (Data Execution Prevention), ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization), sandboxes, and Antivirus products.

Applicable regulations and restrictions

Access to this service is highly restricted, and is only available to approved government agencies (Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Defense) in approved countries. We automatically exclude:

- Countries which are subject to the European Union Restrictive measures in force (Article 215 TFEU)
Countries which are subject to international embargoes adopted by United Nations
- Countries which are subject to international embargoes adopted by United States

All subscription requests are subject to a case-by-case and thorough analysis. Even if an organization fully meets all applicable regulations and complies with our "Know Your Customer" program, VUPEN solely reserves the right to deny access to the service to any agency or country.

VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team

VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) is the most active security team in the world. VUPEN security researchers daily discover and exploit unpatched and critical vulnerabilities in prominent and widely deployed software, applications and operating systems.

Frost & Sullivan has recognized VUPEN as the leading provider of exclusive vulnerability research.

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