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Evaluate risks and protect corporate assets against vulnerabilities

During the last few years, a significant increase in attacks exploiting known (1-day) vulnerabilities in commonly used programs such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Internet Explorer is being observed. This is currently the primary initial infection vector used by criminals to compromise corporate systems during targeted attacks.

Although there are many ways to protect against cyber attacks and threats, corporations need to leverage the most detailed security intelligence to evaluate risks, and protect critical infrastructures and assets.

VUPEN Security provides
in-depth technical reports for the most significant public vulnerabilities based on disassembly, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, and code audit. The service allows corporations and MSSPs to supplement their internal research efforts and keep ahead of the latest threats.

Only Available for Recognized Corporations and MSSPs

Because of the sensitive nature of the information provided through this service, VUPEN Security has defined strict eligibility criteria for participants. VUPEN Security solely reserves the right to determine whether an organization or corporation meets the criteria.

Eligible organizations are Worldwide Corporations and MSSPs (Fortune 1000, Finance, Technology, Research)

VUPEN Binary Analysis & Exploits Service includes:

  In-Depth Binary Analysis of Vulnerabilities

In-depth technical analysis including description of the root cause of the
  vulnerability, assembly code, registers, code flow paths and branches
In-depth description of the affected protocols or involved file formats
Exploitation techniques, reliability, mitigations and limitations
Detection guidance (exploit-based and vulnerability-based detections)
Deep references (links to third party articles, specifications, formats)
  Exploits & Proof-of-concept Codes

VUPEN develops and provides exploit codes or PoCs which allow
corporations to:

Perform regular penetration and security  testing using commercial-grade exploits
Identify real and exploitable threats within  their infrastructures, systems and networks
Evaluate the effectiveness of existing  security policies, protections and patches
Distinguish real threats from false positives, and prioritize resources
Achieve and maintain compliance and regulations e.g. PCI  or ISO 27001
  Packet Captures

Additionally to exploits and/or PoCs which allow subscribers to replicate potential attacks,
VUPEN also provides packet captures (pcap) of the involved exploit
to easily replay packets
  Technical Support

As a subscriber, you will also have a direct access to the VUPEN Vulnerability Research
Team, the most active security team in the world.

Why subscribe to this service?

With a large number of available VUPEN technical reports and private 1-day exploits/PoCs, the VUPEN Binary Analysis and Exploits service allows corporations to quickly and easily evaluate risks related the most recent vulnerabilities, and protect their infrastructures and assets against critical vulnerabilities before being exploited in the wild.


To verify your eligibility, receive prices or a formal quote,
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