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Improve your security, prioritize resources, cut time and costs, and stay ahead of the latest threats through VUPEN solutions
Frost & Sullivan has recognized VUPEN as the leading provider of exclusive vulnerability research. VUPEN's solutions for defensive security enable corporations and governments to measure and manage risks, eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, and protect critical infrastructures and assets against known and unknown vulnerabilities. VUPEN's solutions for offensive security allow government agencies and the intelligence community to conduct critical cyber missions and network operations.

VUPEN defensive customers include major corporations (Fortune 500), and government organizations. VUPEN offensive customers include worldwide Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies.

Because of the sensitive nature of the research provided through these services, VUPEN has defined strict eligibility criteria for participants. VUPEN solely reserves the right to determine whether a corporation, government or organization meets the criteria.
VUPEN Binary Analysis & Exploits

Conduct internal pentests using private exploits taking advantage of publicly disclosed or recently fixed vulnerabilities. Receive in-depth technical reports for the most significant threats to evaluate risks and create IPS/IDS signatures.
VUPEN Security provides the most reliable 1-day exploits and detailed technical reports to help you evaluate risks, and protect your infrastructures and networks against known vulnerabilities.

VUPEN Threat Protection Program

Receive advanced and exclusive 0-day vulnerability research reports and attack detection guidance to protect your critical infrastructures and assets against unpatched vulnerabilities. This is a proactive approach to aid governments and corporations in making decisions in response to potential threats on a real-time basis and in advance of public disclosure, maintaining a secure environment while the affected vendor is working on a patch.
VUPEN Security shares its exclusive vulnerability research and proof-of-concepts with Governments and major corporations only.

VUPEN Exploits for Offensive Security

VUPEN provides extremely sophisticated and government grade 0-day exploits specifically designed for the Intelligence and LEA community to help them achieve their offensive cyber missions using tailored and exclusive codes created in-house by VUPEN researchers.

Access to these capabilities is highly restricted, and is only available to approved government agencies (Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Defense) in approved countries..


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