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VUPEN Open Positions - Reverse Engineers & Security Researchers

Position: Security Researchers / Exploit Writers / Reverse Engineers
Status: Full Time, Employee

Job Description

VUPEN Security seeks senior security researchers.

The researcher will be part of our team of reverse engineers and security researchers, and will be analyzing closed source applications and binaries to write in-depth analysis of major software vulnerabilities and produce government-grade exploits.

Additionally, the researcher will be responsible for analyzing common software applications and network services to discover zero-day vulnerabilities and create extremely sophisticated exploits.

Candidates must have the ability to work as part of a team as well as independently, and must recognize and deal appropriately with highly confidential and sensitive information.
Required Knowledge and Skills

- Relevant experience in vulnerability research or reverse engineering
- Relevant experience in reading and debugging assembly (x86, x64, ARM)
- Relevant experience with OllyDbg, ImmunityDbg or WinDbg, IDA Pro, and BinDiff
- In-depth knowledge of the inner-workings of major operating systems
- In-depth knowledge of Python and various other programming languages
- Experience with open or closed source fuzzing or fault injection frameworks is a plus

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please email your resume to

About VUPEN Security

VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) is the most active security team in the world. Additionally to analyzing and exploiting publicly disclosed or recently fixed flaws, VUPEN security researchers are also dedicated to finding new and unpatched security vulnerabilities in prominent and widely deployed software, helping corporations and governments eliminate security vulnerabilities in their infrastructures.

VUPEN customers include major corporations and worldwide government agencies.



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