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VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team Blog


This is the official VUPEN Vulnerability Research Team blog covering technical analysis and advanced exploitation of critical vulnerabilities on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Latest Research Blog Entries

  Advanced Exploitation of VirtualBox VM-to-Host Escape Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0983)


Published on 2014-07-25    


  Advanced Exploitation of Mozilla Firefox "BumpChunk" Use-After-Free (Pwn2Own 2014)


Published on 2014-05-20    


  Advanced Exploitation of Windows Kernel "Win32k.sys" Privilege Escalation (MS13-053)


Published on 2013-07-23    


  Advanced Exploitation of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 / Pwn2Own 2013 Exploit  


Published on 2013-05-22    


  Advanced Exploitation of Xen Hypervisor Intel CPU 64-Bit Sysret VM-to-Host Escape


Published on 2012-09-04    


 Advanced Exploitation of Windows Kernel 64-Bit Sysret Memory Corruption (MS12-042)


Published on 2012-08-06    

 Advanced Exploitation of Internet Explorer MSXML Uninitialized Memory (MS12-043)


Published on 2012-07-17    

 Advanced Exploitation of Internet Explorer 9 Heap Overflow / Pwn2Own 2012 Exploit


Published on 2012-07-10    


 Advanced Exploitation of Mozilla Firefox Use-after-free Vulnerabilities (MFSA 2012-22)


Published on 2012-06-25    

 Advanced Exploitation of Internet Explorer Heap Overflows (MS12-004 / CVE-2012-0003)  


Published on 2012-01-16    

 Advanced Exploitation of ProFTPD Remote Use-after-free (CVE-2011-4130) - Part II  


Published on 2012-01-16    

 Technical Analysis of ProFTPD Response Pool Use-after-free (CVE-2011-4130) - Part I


Published on 2012-01-10    

 Advanced Exploitation of Adobe Flash Zero-Day with ASLR/DEP Bypass (CVE-2011-0609)


Published on 2011-03-26    

 Advanced Exploitation of Exim "string_vformat()" Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


Published on 2010-12-21    

 Advanced Exploitation of Windows Win32K.sys Keyboard Layout Vulnerability (Stuxnet)


Published on 2010-10-18    

 Advanced Exploitation of Adobe Reader Zero-Day with ASLR/DEP Bypass (CVE-2010-2883)


Published on 2010-09-09    



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